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  • Is the modern education system not living up to your expectations?
  • Do you need help with teaching the basics like sentence diagramming and cursive?
  • Are American history classes leaving out the foundations of our republican government?

    If you answered yes to any or all of these, we can help!

Live online small group courses for Fall 2020

These courses are taught online with no more than nine students per section. Click the button below each course to get alerts regarding registration.

Language Arts Courses

Based on methods used for generations, the language arts classes include skills such as using phonics to help with spelling, identifying parts of speech, breaking down sentence structure using diagramming, and learning the nuances of the English language such as subject-verb agreement, proper placement of modifiers, and how to avoid common punctuation mistakes. 

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Cursive Courses

Data shows that cursive has numerous benefits for students, including helping with focus, allowing the brain to flow more clearly, improving motor control, retaining information, and becoming a better speller. Our small group cursive courses begin with the basics of writing the individual letters, followed by copying sentences, and finally writing out your own thoughts. 

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Writing and Research Courses

The writing course focuses on everything students need to write essays and papers, from prewriting to formulating a thesis statement to editing. The research course provides insight on how to conduct online research, how to vet sources, and how to cite sources in a paper. Most importantly, it will review the types of plagiarism and how to avoid them. 

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American Government

This course in American government will focus on the institutions that make up our republican form of government. Beginning with an overview of the different ways people have governed themselves through time, this course uses primary source material to examine institutions in America and to compare them to other forms of government.

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American History

Using primary sources as its foundation, this course teaches American History from an objective viewpoint teaching the material in context to the time in which it was written. This course is broken into three sections: American Founding through the 1820s, the Antebellum years to Reconstruction, the Gilded Age through the 1980s.

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20th Century America via Superhero Comics

Based on a course I developed while teaching college, this course discusses the origins of comic books and how they reflect the culture. This is followed by an examination of comic books in America throughout the 20th century. Students will read both primary sources to understand the history and then note how the comic books reflect the culture. 

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Reading Classic Literature

Designed for elementary students, this course introduces students to classic children's literature, such as Alice in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, and The Swiss Family Robinson. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to literary devices such as rhyme, personification, and alliteration. In addition. a discussion of the moral lesson will be included. In addition, phonics will be used to help students read better and work through unfamiliar words. 

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Classic Literature and Writing

Created for middle and high School students, these small group courses provide a deep dive into classic literature. Through integrating historical readings relating to the novel, we provide thematic and cultural context. Students will read works such as Pride and Prejudice and The Scarlet Letter for high school or The Iliad and The Prince and the Pauper for middle school.

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These courses are designed to help kids with table manners, social etiquette, and etiquette concerning electronics. In addition, they will learn proper ways to address their peers and adults of various ages, learn to feel comfortable with people of all ages, and learn proper ways of speaking in different situations. 

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In all our classes, we focus on getting back to the basics by teaching students the way children used to be taught.

We offer several solutions to fit your needs

Small Group Courses for
elementary, middle school,
or high school 

Small group classes of no more than nine students that focus on cursive, grammar and language, writing, reading, history, and etiquette. 

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Customized one-on-one tutoring
for students grades 6 and up

Does your student need a little more focus and one-on-one attention? We have a limited number of online private tutoring sessions available starting at $75. 

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Fully online courses:
Student Success Toolkit
and Writing for Success

Our engaging courses provide students with executive function skills and writing skills to help them succeed in school and in life.

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