Teaching History

homeschool teaching Oct 16, 2020

History is often one of the subjects students and even adults either love or hate. And it is the latter that we find more often. But this does not have to be the case.

The way history is frequently taught in schools these days is by parceling out different time periods in different grades, without thought of how things actually unfold over time. We have seen as college history teachers that so many of our students may have taken one semester of American history, then switched to World history, only to focus in on a micro history of a particular sector of society, such as women's history.  There is no connection between these classes. Students are often just checking boxes of general education credits they need to graduate.

This is not isolated to college though, when you go thorough the levels of history that students take in primary and secondary schools, the historical timeline is also disjointed. So, on a conceptual level, this is not something that we as humans can understand due to the lack of integration. History is merely an exercise of names and dates and whoever has the best memory, wins. This is an unfortunate truth about education and one we seek to rectify through our integrated approach.  


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