Popular Culture as a Gateway to the Great Books

Do you find it challenging to get your child to read? Well, there are some great ways to use popular interpretations of the Great Books to get them reading.


Does your child like to read comic books, manga, or graphic novels? No problem. There are so many great adaptations of the classic novels in these forms. Just search on Amazon or your local bookstore for a title, such as Pride and Prejudice and the keywords "graphic novel." You might be surprised at how many have been done! Once your child has read the graphic version of the novel, you can then approach the idea of reading the original novel as a challenge. You can ask them how they liked it, maybe even spark their curiosity on how it is different from the original, perhaps ask them how they would have drawn the characters?


Another way to introduce the classics is through film and television versions. Again, there have been so many of these created over the years. A fun exercise is to watch two versions from two different eras and then compare. You can then try to get them to read the novel to see how it differs from the two versions you watched.


in other words, there are a lot of creative ways to get started. The important thing is to get your kid reading the Great Books!


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